Chadwick Forrester Building Services Limited commenced trading in April 2009 following the amalgamation of Edengrove Property Limited, directed by Phil Chadwick, and Forrester Enterprises Limited, directed by Tom Forrester.




Phil has been fine-tuning his craftsmanship from an early age with a keen eye for detail. Working full time as a chemist in Cumbria, Phil’s passion for building started as a hobby. He carried out all kinds of DIY jobs for family and friends, from building walls to paving driveways, all in his spare time. By 1996 Phil decided he would build his own house. He was a hands-on project manager; taking on most of the work himself and building a trusted team around him.

When his job as a chemist relocated to the Midlands, Phil left his pride and joy behind. only to be made redundant in the years that followed. Phil saw this as the perfect opportunity to do what he had always wanted to do and Edengrove Property was born.




After college Tom went into his father’s door manufacturing company, Homesafe Doors in Gloucestershire. There he learnt his carpentry skills and with progression through the business also learnt many skills associated with running a successful company.

After furthering his professional career with Yale Security Products as a national Sales Manager for OEM customers, he made the decision to utilise his practical and business acumen to set up his construction business Forrester Enterprises.
It was during this period that Tom honed his skills through many property acquisitions and developments.



Chadwick Forrester

Building Contractors

Whilst Tom was developing property and working on various building projects he became acquainted with Phil. They soon realised that their skills and personalities were well suited and it was an obvious move to become a partnership and further the project management side of their business.

Since forming the partnership, Phil and Tom have helped hundreds of people across Worcestershire to live better in homes that work for them. And they’re keen to help you too!


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