As time and technology move on, your kitchen and bathroom suite can start to look tired and feel old fashioned. What once would wipe clean is probably stained and past it’s best. Separate toilet from your bathroom? Thats a total space invader. And then there’s THAT drawer – the one that’s stuck, broken or hanging off a bit. Not great.

With new technology, bathrooms and kitchens are now designed as super functional, efficient, and practical spaces. Often with environmental impact in mind, some options can also save you a penny or two too…  It’s probably time for a change!

We can help you with fully refitted kitchens and bathrooms, including all plastering, electrics, plumbing, flooring, tiling and joinery.

We even help with your design too! Everything to make sure your space is just right for you. 



When considering a new kitchen or bathroom, you may require remodelling. Whether this is taking walls down for your open plan kitchen idea or  creating space for a downstairs toilet. Check out our remodelling page here